2007 Patient Symposium

2007 UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center Patient Symposium.

Video lectures include Genetics of Diabetes, Diabetes and Exercise, and more.

Click the links below to view selected lectures from the 2007 UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center Patient Symposium, presented on April 21, 2007, at the UCSF Laurel Heights campus in San Francisco.

Video Lectures 2007

Genetics of Diabetes
Mark S. Anderson, MD
Assistant Professor, UCSF
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New Diabetes Therapies: Are They for You?
Lisa Kroon, PharmD, CDE
Associate Professor, UCSF
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Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Does It Help?
Martha S. Nolte Kennedy, MD
Medical Director, UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center
Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF
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Diabetes and Exercise
Umesh Masharani, MBBS, MRCP
Clinical Professor, UCSF
Co-chair of the Diabetes Teaching Center Patient Symposium
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Manipulating Hormones to Treat and Prevent
Obesity, Diabetes and Dyslipidemia

Paul Webb, PhD
Associate Research Biochemist, UCSF Diabetes Center
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